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The main product of the Zagora Pelion Cooperative is the famous Zagora Pelion Apples, which are produced according to EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO Zagora Pelion Apples) regulations. PDO Apples of Zagora Pelion constitute up to 93% of the total production of the Agricultural Cooperative. Zagora apples stand out for their excellent quality, their special sweet taste, their crunchy texture, their special aroma and their deep red color.
In addition, the unique microclimate of the specific area, which has an altitude of 300-700 meters, and the use of traditional cultivation techniques under the constant supervision of the agriculturists of the cooperative, is the key factor for the recognition of the cultivated apples as PDO products. The Cooperative not only sells most PDO Apples in Greece, but also exports them to Eastern European markets (Bulgaria, Romania), Cyprus, Egypt and the Middle East.

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